Orange you glad you know better?

This is the time of year when orange juice sales spike significantly.

Because unsuspecting people have bought into the marketing scam that its Vitamin C content can prevent and cure the common cold.

This claim can actually be traced back to 1904 when struggling orange growers hired adman Albert Lasker to help them sell more oranges. Lasker wrote the tagline ‘drink an orange’ that catapulted orange juice into THE quintessential breakfast drink.

Incidentally, Lasker played such a major role in modern advertising that he’s the inspiration for Mad Men’s Don Draper.

But my readers are too savvy to drink orange juice.  Right?!?

My clients definitely should know better – unless they want a good slap on the wrist. 😉

The public is catching on that orange juice is loaded with almost as much sugar as soda.

And THAT is a problem if you’re trying to get pregnant.

Sugar is one of the most toxic foods imaginable to fertility and your egg quality.  Some of the effects include:

  • causing inflammation
  • disrupting hormonal regulation
  • damaging your body’s proteins and creating new proteins that are actually weaker, compromising healthy embryo growth
  • stimulating the release of stress hormones

A refreshing alternative is to throw a freshly cut slice of orange into water.  Admittedly, it doesn’t have the same punch as a glass of orange juice but quite lovely when you’ve retrained your taste buds and brain to need less sugar.

All my best,
Julie Chang, L.Ac.
Natural Fertility Eggspurt