What a BFF (Best Fertility Friend) Would Say – Ch. 26

Image: Unsplash/Arno Smit

Apr 1, 2021

These blog posts titled “What a BFF (Best Fertility Friend) Would Say” are a collection of random tips to give you strength and assurance as you try to get pregnant.  I hope they help!

With appreciation for inviting me on your journey,


What Does Spring Have To Do With Getting Pregnant?

The weather’s warming up and we’re heading into spring. 

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the seasons are associated with specific organs. 

Spring is related to the energy of the Liver.  By Liver, I mean more than the physical organ.  In addition to its physiological functions, it’s also an energetic system in your body that has certain mental, emotional, and spiritual functions. 

One of the Liver’s most important functions is to promote the smooth flow of Qi Energy throughout the body.

When the Liver is balanced, physical and emotional activity throughout the body also runs smoothly.

If Qi gets stuck, it can lead to a pattern called Liver Qi stagnation.  This is one of the most common reasons for fertility issues because qi can get stuck by stress.  When you’re stressed, you feel stuck, not knowing what to do, get frustrated, easily irritated – those are all signs of Liver qi stagnation. 

An easy way to unblock that stuck energy is to move it with exercise.  To improve egg quality, I recommend HIIT (high intensity interval training) 20-30 minutes 3-4 times a week.  HIIT has been proven to increase mitochondrial production.  Mitochondria are the structures in your eggs that produce energy to power all of its functions.  As we age, our mitochondria production and efficiency decrease.  So get your HIIT on, ladies!

Why Repressed Emotions Can Block Your Baby

I’m willing to bet many of you have repressed emotions.  They’re probably right out in the open, in fact.

Consider identifying those emotions and allow yourself to feel them so they release.  Don’t fight them off or bury them. 

Instead, acknowledge them and release them with visualizations.  In your mind’s eye, you can write the emotion on a helium balloon and allow it to float away.  Or my client said she pictured herself swatting that emotion away with a tennis racket before it touched her. 

As you become consciously aware of them and have a tool to manage them, they can dissolve away so that you no longer hold onto them. 

Releasing these emotions is important so that your energy doesn’t have blockages that prevent their free flow and to create space for better energy, like that of your baby, to flow in.

This is the First Step to Making Your Fertility Journey More Successful

Who knew time lapse videos could be so mesmerizing?!?

Here’s a beautiful representation of growth from very little.

Also, note the ease of the pepper growing. As humans, we are meant to experience that ease too…to let life unfold.

You create the blueprint for your life when you identify what you want (and don’t want). The universe is more than happy to serve everything you desire on a silver platter.

The problem is when you get in your own way by putting a microscope on what’s missing and going wrong in your life. With that approach, you only magnify those elements and attract more of that energy.

Rather, redirect your energy to more productive thoughts. They can be thoughts about anything, as long as they’re not thoughts about scarcity, lack, age, time’s running out, etc.

Manifesting your baby should be a joyful experience, not a road paved with effort and struggle.

Smooth out the bumps on your journey by being aware of your thoughts.

Notice your thoughts today. Each time you think something negative, be aware and gently bring yourself back to neutral. It’s a moment by moment practice.