You’re Missing This on Your Motherhood Journey

June 15, 2022

This is what many women’s motherhood journey looks like by the time they find me…

  1. They made the decision to have a baby.
  2. They tried for awhile but it didn’t work whether it’s naturally or with fertility treatments.
  3. They try to figure out what’s wrong.

From that point, they’ve been diverted from #1 – the baby. Their attention is now on the problem of infertility.

That is NOT the same thing as the baby.

People confuse the problem with the end goal.

“Where focus goes, energy flows.” – Tony Robbins

If I want $1,000,000, I focus on how to create that amount of money. My mind opens to receiving different opportunities. Maybe I’ll buy a lottery ticket, sell some of my stuff, turn my hobby into a side hustle, promote new programs or services, etc. The opportunities are endless.

People in fear about money but want the $1M will focus on the lack of money, the bills, penny pinching, how there’s never enough, how difficult it is to get more money, etc.

Feel the difference in the energy? Same goal. Totally different path. One leads to success. The other not so much.

Same thing with your motherhood journey.

Although it seems logical to try to solve the “problem”, the fact that you think it’s a problem is already putting you on a different path.

Everything is as it should be. Every moment is a lesson. To be more present, more patient, more loving, more trusting,…

At the core, it’s a lack of trust. In yourself, in others, and, most of all, in the Universe/Source/God.

Trust can be built and nurtured by connecting with Source.  And you do that with meditation.  I recommend starting with this one.

Image: Unsplash/Giorgio Trovato