Which of these 4 ways do you manifest?

August 15, 2022

There are four primary ways of manifesting…

  • Reactive – This is how most people manifest where they react to what comes into their experience as opposed to creating their own reality. Victim consciousness and blaming others are the hallmarks of this level of manifesting, thinking that nothing can be done to change their situation. People give their power away and expect others to fix their problems. Very little success is achieved at this level. What success they do have is often taken for granted and not appreciated.
  • Action oriented (masculine) – Most conscious manifestors create at this level by setting goals, creating action plans, and figuring out the process. The masculine energy of consistency, structure, and discipline are needed to get results. The limitation here is that you are limited by your subconscious beliefs because you stay in your ego and in your head. Immense success can achieved here but requires a lot of effort.
  • Trust and love (feminine) – Manifesting from here is about trusting yourself and higher Source. It comes from surrender because you know that it’s a loving universe wanting to give you everything you desire. This level transcends subconscious beliefs because you create from love, knowing that all is as it should be. With the feminine energies of trust and love, you co-create with the Universe/God.
  • Wholeness – This is the ultimate level of manifestation when you’re very present and surrendered. You have trained yourself to release thoughts and your ego so you become an empty vessel. You’re fully surrendered so your soul is in control. You aren’t creating anything personally. Rather, the Universe/God moves through you and you become a pure channel. Life becomes magical because things and people that you couldn’t possibly dream of show up. Ease and flow reign supreme.

Most women on the fertility journey are in the reactive stage.

By the time they find me, they’ve leveled up to at least the action oriented/masculine level. This is when the supplements, nutrition, acupuncture, therapy, and fertility treatments take a big role.

My work is to move them to manifesting from trust and love so they can co-create with their spirit babies and spirit guides.

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Image: Unsplash/Jonathan Borba