My favorite way to remove struggle from your fertility journey

February 18, 2022

Do you remember the last time when you felt like you were “in the flow” and everything seemed to just fall in to place?

Let me tell you my most recent story of flow and synchronicities…

Earlier this week I decided that I wanted to plan a 2 week trip to Mexico over the Christmas holiday. I did some light research for two nights about where to go and stay. It’s a big country with lots of beautiful places so I couldn’t decide. On the third day, I bumped into an acquaintance who I haven’t seen in months. Within the first two minutes of conversation, I found out he’s been traveling back and forth from Mexico and the U.S. for pleasure for the past year. He told me exactly where to go (Mexico City) and the safest neighborhood (Polanco – the Beverly Hills of Mexico City) and even gave me the contact info for his AirBnB. So now I know where to go and stay.

While there, I want to learn Spanish, the culture, sight see, eat great food , and meet some people. I thought about hiring a guide who might be able to meet some of these desires. I looked online for a Spanish class in Mexico City. I really wasn’t all that interested since I don’t want to be in a classroom but I thought it wouldn’t hurt to look. Lo and behold, there’s a Spanish immersion class that’s held outdoors in various locations throughout the city – cafe, museum, park, art gallery.

Bam! Everything is wrapped up with a pretty bow on top for me to go to Mexico City and have an amazing time.

It was like it was meant to be and the red carpet was being rolled out in front of me, affirming that going to Mexico is the right decision.

For many of you, the fertility journey feels like a struggle.

It shouldn’t. Yes, you’ll hit bumps and it might take longer than you expect. It is a co-creation of you, your partner, and your spirit baby after all. Throw in divine timing and the uncertainty that our entire planet is experiencing right now (affecting the Spirit world as well) to throw in a few more hiccups.

However, it shouldn’t feel like you’re pushing a large boulder up a steep mountain.

There are ways to smooth out the struggle so that this journey is one of growth, expansion, and delight.

The caveat is that you have to be willing to let go of the struggle and accept where you are without resistance. It’s the constant struggle against where you are that keeps you stuck. If you would just relax and lean into it, you will be gently taken with the current to your destination.

One of the most effective strategies and certainly most taught is meditation.

How does something as simple as meditating help you get pregnant when nothing else has worked?

Because the answer is within yourself. You need the catalyst of the sperm but the ability to conceive is in you.

Constantly seeking answers from fertility doctors and online rabbit holes takes your internal creative power away, making you feel helpless and not good enough.

Meditation brings powerful focus back into yourself so you can connect with your intuition and spirit baby. From there, you get all the answers you need to support you whether you’re trying naturally or with fertility treatments.

To learn how to meditate AND connect with your spirit baby, go here.

Image: Pixabay/ManuCarillo