Choose your rabbit hole wisely

The Harvard Business Review says information overload kills your ability to focus.Ain’t that the truth?Especially when you’re trying to get pregnant.The sheer volume of information makes it hard to prioritize what’s important to reach your goal. And sometimes, even more importantly, what’s not critical. 

Some people handle all this new info by freezing.  Doing nothing.  “Analysis paralysis”

Some people handle it by jumping from one new idea to another.   “Bright shiny object syndrome” 

The second group is what I see more often.  Probably cuz “do-nothingers” by definition never make it to me.The intention is good.  You’re trying to do whatever you can to get pregnant.  As strong, ambitious, highly intelligent women, you’re used to getting what you want.  You set your eyes on the goal and you work your Victoria Secret-clad bootie off to reach it.  That attitude is amazeballs.  You know what’s the problem I often see? The information you’re pulling from Dr. Google is hurting you, rather than helping you.  

If you’re taking advice from your peers, that’s a group of 1.  Listen with a bucket of salt. 

If you’re lurking in online forums, same goes as #1.

Online bloggers are often your peers, not clinicians.  Therefore, refer back to #1.  See the pattern?

Fertility doctors are excellent at what they do.  That is, medicated fertility cycles.   I’m totally giving them props and I work with a number of them.  But when it comes to holistic health and nutrition, please stop asking them for advice!  This is not their field of expertise.  They’re just regurgitating the same old recycled bull that mainstream medicine is shoving down everyone’s throat. 

Prime example…Your morning smoothies and oatmeal are probably doing more harm than good to your fertility.  (My head is bleeding from banging it every time I hear about these “healthy” foods my clients eat.) Understand that what works for the general population does not always apply to you when you’re actively trying to build an entire human being in that awe-inspiring body of yours.  

And then just throw in the pressure of time if you’re in your late 30s or 40s and you’re in a whole new universe. So, if you’re serious about committing to improving your fertility, let’s learn some of the essentials.  They’re not magic bullets but, given enough time, they can work for you.You want to know more? 

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All my best,
Julie Chang, L.Ac.
Natural Fertility Eggspurt

Chuckle corner: “Eraser companies make money off of failure.” – Reddit