Let’s have a tea party. BYOT!

At a whopping $1,850 per kg, the Silver Tips Imperial tea grown in the Indian Himalayas is the most expensive tea produced in India.

Why such a hefty price tag?

Silver Tips Imperial can only be picked on the first clear full moon night from mid-March to May, limiting its supply. That means it can be harvested only 4 -5 times during the season.

While plucking 2 leaves and the bud from each plant in the darkness before the sun rises seems odd, they have their reasons.

In the meantime, I’ll stick to using my pocket change for a cup of tea.

In fact, one of the cheapest and best teas for fertility is fresh ginger tea.

Throw in a few fresh ginger slices into boiling water for 2-3 minutes and, voila, you have a fragrant, spicy tea to keep you warm as the weather cools.

Ginger is a powerful herb used to increase circulation and promote blood flow to the uterus. The increased circulation also helps to reduce inflammation of the uterus, ovaries or fallopian tubes.

Bottoms up!

All my best,
Julie Chang, L.Ac.
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