What’s in Omaha?

I was in Omaha, Nebraska this past holiday weekend.

Why Omaha?

Well, never been there. AND the direct flight from San Diego makes it perfect for a short getaway. So why not?

What’s a girl to do when in Omaha?

Why eat steak, of course!

Red meat gets such a bad rap. There are always some new study, some doctor, some health “guru”, or whatever dissing this much maligned protein.

So here’s my stance on red meat as it pertains to pre-conception and pregnancy health…

First, the nutritional needs when trying to get pregnant and during pregnancy are vastly different than the general population. Your intention is to grow another human. Those studies they’re referring to are NOT women trying to conceive. They’re usually middle-aged, white men slowly killing themselves on processed, fried foods and excessive alcohol intake to drown out the misery of their lives because it’s everyone else’s fault. Therefore, the results most likely can’t be extrapolated to you. An empowered, vibrant woman ready to take on the challenge to realize your dream.

Second, grass-fed red meat is one of the single best sources of protein and good fats on the planet your baby needs.

Third, to get the same amount of nutrients from a small serving of red meat requires a whole lot more of vegetarian sources, if you can get them at all. Cough, cough – B vitamins and heme-iron.

Fourth, animals can run away to protect themselves from predators, like us. Cows not so much. Are they the only animals without defense mechanisms? Anyhoo, plants don’t have that same flight capacity. So their defenses are chemical. What protects them out in nature also protects them from us. Which means those nutrients are less bioavailable or even harmful to humans. Ever heard of gluten?

Grass-fed red meat must be in your diet if you’re trying to get pregnant – as long as it adheres to your religious, ethical, and/or moral values.

‘Nuff preaching from the top of my bloody pulpit.

Don’t worry. I have more totally un-politically correct but fertility-boosting advice in my grab bag of goodies. Bag will be opened soon for new clients…

All my best,

Julie Chang, L.Ac.
Natural Fertility Eggspurt

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