What to do when you see pregnant women all around you…

My friend gave a powerfully emotional and deeply personal TedX talk this weekend. I knew she had weight issues. But I didn’t realize the depth of her decades-long battle with eating disorders until she brought it to such a public stage. And this is a person that I consider a close friend – someone who I would want at important life events.

It really brought home a point that we often forget when we’re going through our own struggles.

Obviously, her journey is different than yours. Her goals are not yours. But we all face challenges – that is part of the human condition.

What’s hard is the unfairness of it. Women around you seem to get pregnant so easily. And despite your best efforts, you’re still having difficulty conceiving.

Remember this though – what you see is only the surface.

My friend’s talk reminded me that we don’t see the twists & turns others have to face. We only see what they want to show us. Often when they’ve overcome their challenges – so at the end of their journey.

In comparing yourself to others, it will often seem that you come up short.

And that’s when self-doubt becomes toxic. Like acid, it erodes your faith, hope, and confidence in your body’s ability to heal itself and ultimately deliver what you want.

Don’t fight the obstacles that life has thrown your way. Acknowledge your feelings but as quickly as possible, use it as an opportunity to grow into the person you’re meant to be. Hopefully, part of that identity will be “mother” in a few months.

When you’re struggling, take a deep breath…


Then figure out what’s your next step.

Simple? Yes

Easy? NO!

But the important thing is to do something every day to better yourself.

Having trouble figuring out that next step?

The webinar I did on FB Live last Friday will give you some ideas. It’ll stay up until this Friday Oct 12, 6pm PST. Then I’m removing it from this FB page. So check it out before it’s gone.

All my best,
Julie Chang, L.Ac.
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