What a BFF (Best Fertility Friend) Would Say – Ch. 20

Feb 19, 2021

These blog posts titled “What a BFF (Best Fertility Friend) Would Say” are a collection of random tips to give you strength and assurance as you try to get pregnant.  I hope they help!

With appreciation for inviting me on your journey,


Try this easy and powerful tip today!

In creating your fertility strategy, it’s important to know what your next steps are so you have an overall plan.

The catch comes when you get so caught up in the “what if” scenarios that you lose sight of where you are now, in the present moment.

A lot of women worry about whether or not their baby will be healthy. The concern is certainly valid. However, if your focus is more often on the potential pitfalls, that’s what you’ll be attracting into your experience.

A tip to bring you back to the present is to buy beautiful flowers and each time you pass them, pause, take a moment to look at them closely and smell them. Appreciate them and the other blessings you have in your life right now, however big or small they may be.

Use the flowers to provide opportunities to just be present with them in various moments throughout the day.

Do this for a week and notice how more uplifted you feel.

This shift to appreciation and gratitude allows more good things to come into your life, eventually one of them being your baby. And who doesn’t love having flowers at home?

You can’t change your circumstances but you can change this…

The reality you are experiencing now is a result of what you choose to see.

Shift your perspective from one that takes away from your experience of life to one that helps you get closer to your goal of having a healthy baby.

Your body is designed to serve you. You obstruct the natural stream of well-being by emphasizing what you perceive to be an obstacle. Instead, glorify what’s right.

Rather than focusing on low AMH, high FSH, your diagnosis, or your past history and disappointments, turn your attention to what is working well. Thank your body for all that it does for you every second of every day without your help and really, truly mean it.

There is no source of infertility. Rather it’s the blockage of vitality, energy, enthusiasm that prevents you from tapping into your natural gift of ultimate creativity.

Creating anything whether it’s a piece of art, music, or baby requires a steady flow of uplifting, expansive energy.

Just as writer’s block prevents new literary works and are purely emotional, emotional blocks can prevent you from getting and staying pregnant.

To defuse those blocks, showing appreciation and gratitude are positive energies that allows you to receive more wonderful gifts.

Fear, doubt, and anxiety pushes away that which might otherwise come to you naturally.

Change your perspective to change your expectation.

Stop “should-ing” on yourself 😉

There are plenty of “I should’s” to go around…

  • I should have started trying to get pregnant earlier.
  • I should be exercising more. I should be eating better.
  • I should be going to bed earlier.

Release the “I should haves” because they’re already past history. There’s no reason to keep bringing them up because you can’t do anything to change them. Accept them and move on.

What do you do with the “I should’s” then?

The “I should’s” are typically things that you know will benefit you on your fertility journey but for whatever reason, you haven’t been able to take action. You know logically they will help but you’re not inspired to commit to them.

First and foremost, be kind to yourself. You don’t need to be perfect to be the powerful creator that you are. You’re a work in progress as we all are. Life’s a journey and we’re here to learn how to find joy despite the challenges we all inevitably face.

So instead, take action on things that you ARE inspired to do, even if they’re not directly related to you getting pregnant.

If you do things that excite you, that enjoyment often softens resistance in other areas of your life so you’re more likely to do them.

Whatever you enjoy doing whether it’s reading a trashy novel, having coffee with a friend (socially distanced), manicure, whatever it is, do more because it’s likely you’re not doing enough of it now so you’re not enjoying your life as much as you should be.

Believe it or not, your fertility journey should be enjoyable and expansive at the same time because that’s when you get the best chance of success.