What a BFF (Best Fertility Friend) Would Say – Ch. 17

Jan 22, 2021

These blog posts titled “What a BFF (Best Fertility Friend) Would Say” are a collection of random tips to give you strength and assurance as you try to get pregnant.  I hope they help!

With appreciation for inviting me on your journey,


Protect your fertility from your devices

Technology is amazing. However, health risks come with the excessive use of these devices from the electromagnetic radiation generated.

Unfortunately, these dangers may affect your fertility and the health of your future child as well.

Take these dangers seriously, not only for your fertility but also for the long-term health of you and your loved ones.

Here are some ways to reduce your exposure to EMFs:

  • Turn off your wifi at night or when not in use.
  • Move your wifi router or booster as far away from you as possible.
  • Have a barrier between your laptop and your lap. Do NOT place directly on your body.
  • When making calls, use the speaker or earbuds/headset. Do NOT place device against your head. That’s like putting your head in a microwave.
  • Avoid standing in front of the microwave when in use.
  • Use wired earbuds/headset, NOT wireless.
  • Do not carry your phone on your body.
  • Unplug devices when they’re not in use.
  • Avoid wireless devices. Yes, that includes your fancy smartwatches which are constantly sending out and receiving signals.
  • Avoid metal bedframes and metal coils in the mattress which can conduct EMF radiation from your wifi and bluetooth devices into your body. They’re basically an antenna amplifying the signals.
  • When pregnant, do only the bare minimum ultrasounds that give you peace of mind. We’ve had babies without ultrasounds since Adam and Eve. You’ll be fine with a few less ultrasounds.

Go outside and spend time in nature to release some of the radiation accumulated in your body. Put your bare feet in the sand or grass, hug a tree (seriously), forest bathe, swim in the ocean.

Basically, get away from the concrete that insulates all this artificial energy from the healing energy of Mother Nature.

This surprising sleep aid may give you more rest

One of the most basic needs that must be met when you’re trying to get pregnant is to get enough sleep.

For most women I’ve worked with, I’ve found that they need 8-9 hours of good quality sleep to feel rested.

A very common reason that women get up in the middle of the night is to go to the bathroom so a simple solution is stop drinking liquids a few hours before bed so you have plenty of time to empty your bladder.

Another reason that women will wake up in the middle of the night is because their brains are racing with thoughts. For that, I recommend you journal before bedtime. This way your thoughts and worries have an outlet so they’re not swirling in your head, disrupting your sleep.

Personally, neither of these were an issue for me. I would just wake up in the middle of the night, wide awake and alert. So I found a surprisingly effective solution. I bought a weighted blanket last week. It weighs about 15 pounds. They recommend getting a blanket that’s about 10% of your weight. I went on the heavier side. And it works like a charm! I haven’t woken up in the middle of the night since I started using it. I think it works because the weight prevents me from tossing and turning which may have been the reason why I was waking up in the middle of the night and having a hard time going back to sleep.

If you want a sleep aid supplement, melatonin would be the remedy. As a side benefit, it has been shown to improve egg quality. However, because it’s a hormone, use only what you need. So start with 1 mg and dose up to 5 mg to figure out your optimal dosage.

What to do if your male partner had Covid?

A recent review of the scientific literature showed that a Covid 19 infection may affect sperm parameters. This is all preliminary data so it’s nothing to panic about.

What I do recommend is that if your male partner or husband has tested positive for Covid 19, he should get a semen analysis after he has recovered to make sure that his sperm quality is fine.

He should get it done at a fertility clinic which will do a more comprehensive semen analysis.

I don’t recommend going to a general practitioner because often I’ve seen that those semen analysis results are incomplete, usually missing the morphology parameter which is looking at the shape of the sperm and that’s where men are often typically low in.

When looking at the semen analysis, pay special attention to the count, motility, and morphology. Those 3 parameters are where abnormalities usually show up.

You want to look at what’s considered the normal range. If it’s on the low end, even if it’s technically considered normal, that’s something that you want to take into consideration and boost with supplements, nutritional, and/or lifestyle changes.