How this common action prevents you from getting pregnant

August 5, 2021

If you dreamed of having that Instagram worthy wedding but didn’t have a partner yet, would you avoid weddings until you got married yourself?

Probably not.

Because you know that someone else’s happiness has absolutely no bearing on your ability to manifest your desire.

In fact, you probably would look forward to going to weddings because you might find yourself sitting next to your soulmate at the reception dinner table.

This idea of facing life regardless of what you’re going through holds true while you’re on your fertility journey.

I hear so many women talk about how they don’t go to baby showers or parties with young children or feel jealous when someone announces their pregnancy.

That energy is in direct opposition to what you want.

You should be diving yourself into the world of babies, immersing yourself in the pure light of babies and young children.

Not avoiding it.

You do it to guard yourself from being hurt. However, when your heart is closed, you cannot receive more love into your life.

If you’re pushing that baby energy away with the condition that you can only accept those situations when you yourself are pregnant, you’re rejecting your own chances of bringing that energy to yourself.

You cannot manifest a baby when you’re turning it away every time the Universe is trying to bring that energy to you.

What you’re saying with your actions is you’re not willing to accept it. That’s the message you send out.

Celebrate and be happy for others so that it can be reflected back to you.

Yes, it might be a struggle at first but don’t hide from the world until the conditions are just right.

Face it head on because it’s that resilience that will take you to the finish line.

Image: Unsplash/Valeria Zoncoll