Experiment to Increase Your Happiness

This week, I started a new project.  I’m answering questions submitted to me in a video format, available on YouTube.

I love experimenting with new ideas.  I’m a “throw it on the wall and see what sticks” kind of person.  For me, that’s what makes life interesting because the results can’t be predicted.

I encourage you to have more of that experimental mindset.  Why?  Because it’s difficult to enjoy the journey when you’re so focused on having the baby.

Your sights are constantly set on a future endpoint that hasn’t happened yet.  There’s nothing wrong about dreaming for your future.

The problem is that if you become too focused on it, you’ll lose sight of what’s right in front of you – the opportunities you have to make each day satisfying on your way to your goal.

Because it’s really difficult to have a happy ending when you’re having an unhappy journey.

So use this opportunity to evaluate areas in your life that can be improved…which really should be everything because you’re a constant work in progress.

Have fun with it and experiment with different ways to jazz it up.

  • Start a book club with your girlfriends.  Bonus: reading will reduce your exposure to toxic social media.
  • Buy some pretty summer dresses for a more feminine look.  Remember the sexy lingerie for your partner!
  • A walk during lunch with your coworkers will get you outside in the sun for that critical Vitamin D.

As far as my experiments go, the new Youtube videos I created to answer submitted questions can be found in the “Your Questions Answered” playlist here.