Why Your Doctors May Be Wrong

Being underweight can be just as much an issue as being overweight.

Regardless of where you are – lightweight, mediumweight, heavyweight – think of yourself as a champion.

You must be your own champion of your fertility.  

Because, depending on your age and AMH levels, your fertility doctor might not be in your corner.  Certainly, don’t look towards social media and mainstream news to validate your potential for a healthy pregnancy either.

Instead, find people who will support you, encouraging you to keep going.  These are the people who help keep the hope alive that you can still get pregnant.  They are your family, friends, and acupuncturist.

Some people will argue that this is false hope.  Because to them, it’s not their reality.

If you want your reality to be different from theirs and for it to be what YOU want, then you’ve got to observe your reality, ignore the stuff you don’t like, and cherry pick the stuff that helps you move forward.

We do it ALL. THE. TIME.

  • Don’t like your coworker?  You avoid him at all costs.
  • Partner’s snoring keeps you awake?  You use earplugs.
  • Look at a restaurant’s menu.  You only order things that make your mouth water.  You ignore the foods you don’t like.

So why can’t you use this same focus for your fertility to create your own reality?

Because you don’t realize that you can.  You’ve given so much power to your doctors and their diagnosis and prognosis that you believe them without questioning it.

Why would you doubt your doctors when they’re the experts?  Because they’re human, just like you.  Their experiences are influenced by their biases.  However, these biases may not serve you.

As an example, I’m a proponent of eating animal products when TTC.  This is due to my training encompassing ancestral diets which were very reliant on meat for pre-conception (& pregnancy), clinical experience, and cultural background.  My bias towards eating meat may be off-putting to vegetarians or vegans TTC.  In that case, they’re better off getting nutritional advice from someone else.

Regardless of who you listen to, take comfort in that your body is far smarter than we are.

If you give it a chance with the right attitude, foods, and supplements, you will be surprised at what your body rewards you with.