Why You Should Not Know Your Entire Fertility Journey

May 26, 2021

If you’re trying to map out your entire fertility journey, this is for you…

You are not meant to know all the steps and have everything figured out at once. You may not be ready for it.

The need to know everything is your desire for control. Learn to let go of control.

Instead, be neutral, observe, and receive.

This is a path that will unfold as you move forward. In a board game, you roll the dice to figure out your next step. Move, then roll again.

Similarly, on your fertility journey, you only need to know what will progress you in a beneficial way to the next moment. Trust that whatever you need next will be revealed in a way you can understand. The only relevant question to ask is “What’s next?”

As you build momentum with each small step, you’ll start to see the bigger picture of your own expansion.

It’s important to honor the pauses in between actions to regroup, rest, and, possibly, celebrate.

That is the essence of being present. Only when you have your full attention in the present can you create what you want.

Open your awareness to the breadcrumbs thrown on your trail so you can bump into the people and opportunities to assist you on your journey.

Trust that this process is for your higher good and not a punishment. The beauty in living in the moment is that you share responsibility for the direction of your life with your higher power.

Image: Pixabay/Peggychoucair