Why Team Amazon is better than Team Apple when TTC

Let’s talk money…

Trillions of dollars of it.

Apple was the first company to hit the 13 digit milestone last month.

One short month later, Amazon rode in to share the glory.

Apple reached this rarified pinnacle of success by dominating cool personal tech.

Amazon’s approach is far more diversified. Covering areas like entertainment, data storage, food (with its acquisition of Whole Foods last year), and much more. You remember that they started out as online booksellers, don’tcha?

Both strategies obviously work. However, one major difference is how fast they got there. Amazon reached the $1T mark a mere 2 years after its IPO.

Apple took 19 years.

Amazon’s diversification strategy applies to your fertility journey. The more ways you can get to your goal, the faster and more likely your success.

This means thinking outside the box. The box of IVFs and IUIs, that is.

They obviously work. But for most women, they aren’t the only ways to pregnancy.

There are many others, like…

lifestyle changes
home strategies
These all help improve your fertility naturally.

Take your cue from Amazon and diversify your path to pregnancy.

You can do it yourself.

Or if you want help from me, more on that soon when I open up the doors to my online coaching program.All my best,

Julie Chang, L.Ac.

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