What to Do When Your Period Comes While TTC

How do you deal with one of the most common triggers of anxiety as you’re trying to get pregnant?

That is…your period comes when you’re hoping it doesn’t.

Aunt Flo arriving is an event.  The emotion you attach to that circumstance is how you’ll react to it.  

For most women, it has no meaning other than the inconvenience of it.

For you though, it can be devastating.  It’s another month of not getting pregnant.  Another month of what more can you do to make it happen.  Another month of “now what?”  Your bubble of hope bursting.  Yet again.

You can choose to ride this emotional roller coaster every month or you can control your emotions so that you don’t get so twisted up.  

There is always a positive spin to every situation.  Always.  You might need to dig deep to find it.  But it’s there.

In this situation, take a moment to think about what the bright side is.

Go ahead.  Do it now before you read on.  Got at least one positive spin?

Your most obvious is that you still have a period.  That’s H-U-G-E!  Because that means you’re still in the game.  You still can get pregnant.  No matter what age you are.  Yes, even in your 40s.

Think about how you would feel if you didn’t have a period or they’re so irregular you have no idea when it’ll come.

A new client came to me last month having had no period in more than 3 months.   On top of that, her doctor told her she was post-menopausal at 44yo because her ovaries were showing no activity on the ultrasound.  Within 1 month of implementing my advice and working with me, she got her period after it being MIA for more than 3 months.  She went in last week and her doctor couldn’t believe how many follicles were showing on the ultrasound.  We’re so happy with the progress that now the next step is to make sure she gets her period regularly.   We are starting with the very basics.  And that’s about as basic as you can get.

If you’re getting a period regularly, you’ve got that essential requirement.  No menses.  No baby.  Period (pun intended).  (Unless you’re doing medicated cycles and even with that, the chances of success are lower because your hormonal regulation is so unbalanced.)

Appreciate what you DO have and stop focusing on what you DON’T have (YET).

Moral of this story?

Recognize that events have no inherent emotion to them.  You assign emotion to these otherwise neutral conditions with your thoughts.  So be conscious of what emotions you give.  Clean up your thoughts by focusing on the positive side to a situation that triggers you.  By training yourself to think in this way, you’ll stay motivated longer and your journey will be a lot more enjoyable.

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