Three tenets to be a powerful creator

January 14, 2022

Three tenets to live by…

  • Love yourself enough to hold your ground.

There will be many times, your motherhood journey included, where you will be challenged by others on the sanity of your decision. Only you know your truth. If you allow yourself to be swayed by others who think they’re trying to help you, you give your power to them.

  • Follow your intuition even though your body is uncomfortable.

You know what you want and your intuition is always guiding you towards it.

Whether you listen to it is a completely different story. How many times have you told yourself that you should have followed your gut? Cue the many broken relationships that could have been avoided if you had listened to your intuition!

It’s usually more comfortable to do the “sensible” or “logical” thing even if your mind and body are screaming “NO!”.

Get comfortable being uncomfortable when you become a sovereign being. It doesn’t get any easier because going against the grain means following your individual path.

Freedom is ultimately what you seek. The freedom to be whoever you imagine yourself capable of being and to create whatever you want.

  • Have the belief that what you want is going to come.  

And the most difficult part…believe even before it shows up. Faith will lead you to your treasure. The map is within you. You have everything you need to become the mother you want to be.

Remember the times when you needed blind faith in order to get what you wanted. Faith doesn’t come after. It’s needed BEFORE the manifestation.

You’ve got this!

Image: Unsplash/Himesh Kumar Behera