The Surprising Way Weight Affects Fertility

A big concern with many women is their weight.  Specifically, that they need to lose a few (or a lot of) pounds in order to get pregnant.

In general, it’s recommended to stay within a reasonable weight range given your height and build and this article explains more about why that is.

However, the number on your scale isn’t really the biggest issue.  Plenty of my clients get pregnant and have healthy babies despite being technically obese.

Rather, it’s your relationship with your weight.  By that I mean, how do you feel about yourself when you see your reflection in the mirror.

Pleased by what you see? Appreciative of what your body can do?  Excited about physical activity?

Or very commonly…Disappointed by not being able to reach your ideal?  Frustrated by the futile diets that have gone nowhere?  Disgusted by how you look naked?

While one aspect of getting pregnant requires deliberate action in the form of getting busy between the sheets, conception is ultimately an unconscious event that you don’t have control over – the egg is fertilized by the sperm and implants into the uterine wall as it develops.

It’s something your body is designed to do.

Yet, you contradict your desire to get pregnant when you condemn your body for the way it looks.  By criticizing its outer appearance, you’re telling your body it’s not worthy of your love.  In doing so, you’ve created resistance and more struggle because your desire doesn’t match your belief of what your body is born to do.

You can’t, on one hand, want to be pregnant and on the other hand, find your body disgusting or disappointing.  They’re conflicting thoughts that prevent you from gaining momentum on your fertility journey

If you have self-image issues, you must work at appreciating your body for the many things it does for you.  Focus on the things it’s doing right rather on the things that you’re not liking.

Loving yourself creates a warm, secure, harmonious state to welcome your baby.

The more you love your body for what it’s doing right, the more it can give back to you.

It’s the exact same advice I give to my clients about their partners…you can focus on the stuff that drives you nuts or you can consciously choose to focus on the (hopefully!) many more things he does right.  Show appreciation for what he does right and you’ll get more of it…just like training a dog.  😉

Accept that given any situation, there will always be positive and negative aspects.  It’s your choice which parts you want to focus on.

Hating your body creates a toxic environment that a baby has no desire to enter.

Remember, your body is your future baby’s house. Unlike most squatters, your baby DOES care about the state of its 9 month residence which starts with how you feel about it.

So be kind, appreciative, and loving towards your body.