The Pursuit of Happiness when TTC

Those of you who have been reading my emails for awhile have probably noticed that my writing has changed over time.

I went from never sending anything to writing daily emails for 2 years to now posting once a week.  It’s all been part of a natural evolution to find my voice and figure out what resonates with me.

Recently, I shifted again so that my main article is backed by research and heavy on the science but with an email introduction that focuses on the emotional component.

This week’s article is no exception – science based to explain my approach for even the most skeptical of you.

I love this approach because it allows me to share the bigger picture approach of emotional health with the nuts & bolts of fertility on a more concrete, physical level.

The spiritual, existential component is completely overlooked by modern medicine and yet it’s integral to who we are as human beings.  It’s in tuning into ourselves and getting into alignment with our inner being that allows us to manifest the things we need and desire, regardless of how difficult the journey may be.

How long I continue this pattern remains to be seen.  Life has a way of unfolding in surprising ways.  I just go with the flow and do what makes me happy.

First and foremost, my job is to serve myself.  If I do things that I enjoy, my enthusiasm will overflow so that I can be in a better position to help others.

And that’s my message for you this week.

As you’re trying to get pregnant, many of you try to control the external factors of your situation by researching what the best supplements, nutritional advice, and lifestyle changes are.

Although very important, focusing on the details can cause you to lose sight of the importance of staying aligned to who you are.  You twist yourself into a pretzel, looking for that next thing to do to make it better for you.

You’re constantly looking to fill your bag of tricks to shortcut your fertility journey.  Unfortunately, the older you get, the less effective the shortcuts are.  The quick fix supplements or fertility treatments that seem to work for everyone else but does nothing for you frustrate you.

Why do some things work for others but not you?

Quite simply because your emotional baggage keeps piling up with every disappointment – every period that comes, each negative pregnancy test.

And it’s harder for you to let them go.  Unknowingly, you build resistance in the form of doubt to allowing what you want to manifest.  Your doubt is in direct conflict with your heart’s desire.  You use words like “I’m scared”, “I’m too old”, “Why isn’t it happening yet?”, “Is it too late for me?”, …

To combat that fear, understand that it’s not always about “doing” but rather about “feeling” your way through your situation.  Your inner emotional GPS is always guiding you to the right action but you can’t hear it if you’re busy “doing”.

The quickest and shortest path to having a healthy baby is one that’s filled with joy and appreciation.  If that’s not the journey you’re experiencing, start doing more things that make you happy.  The happier you are, the more receptive you become to what life has to offer you.  It’s really as simple as that.

The more “in the flow” you are with your life, the faster your baby will come.

If you feel like it’s a struggle, then, guess what?  It IS going to be a struggle.

Rather, if you can slow down and have more pleasure along the way, then you’ll have more satisfying outcomes.  Because it’s really hard to have an unhappy ending to a happy journey.