The Problem With Having A Fertility Diagnosis

When faced with a problem, you like to know the cause so that a solution can be presented.

Problem: not getting pregnant
Cause: For women in their late 30s or 40s, often the clinical diagnosis is “POI” (premature ovarian insufficiency) or “POF” (premature ovarian failure).  Basically, your ovaries are getting old.
Solution: According to fertility doctors, egg donors.

For many women, that’s not an option.  Maybe because it’s too expensive or you want to have your own child or both.

This article talks about how POI might be genetic.

Genetic or not, the diagnosis of POI or POF doesn’t define your reproductive capacity.

As I’ve written many times before, as long as you’re having a period and ovulating, you can still get pregnant naturally.  It may take longer than you want but you’re still in the game.

Facing the reality of such a diagnosis is like being dunked in ice cold water.  It’s shocking, takes your breath away, and you feel like dying.

But you know what the cool thing about reality is?  It’s that you create it and make it your own.  You get to pick and choose the information you’re exposed to.

That means you can cherry pick all the good stuff and ignore the ones you don’t care so much for.

The single best example of this is Trump.  Politics aside…hate him or love him, follow his success principles.  He creates his own reality with the words he chooses.  He says things that serve himself and denies everything that doesn’t align with his reality and in so doing creates this weirdly alternate universe that we’re all pulled into, willingly or not.  His reality is now our reality.

You can do the same thing.

Filter out the things that contradict your desires such as being labeled “too old” or “your eggs aren’t good enough”.

Reality is 100% perception – shaped by your experiences, upbringing, parents, education, doctors, media, religion, etc.  You get to choose the reality you want to face.  Stop abdicating your power by allowing others to impose their reality onto you.  If you truly want to have a baby, you must BELIEVE it’s possible despite what everyone else says.

Instead, focus your attention on the things you have going for you…your period still comes every month (which means that you can get pregnant), a loving partner (appreciate how fortunate you are to find love when most of the world is still searching for their elusive “one”), your beloved family and friends (meaningful connections are ultimately what we all seek), hopefully a job you enjoy, etc.

Make an effort to verbally express your love and appreciation EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

If you can recognize and acknowledge how great your life already is overall, how amazing would it be to just spend more time milking those nummy moments so you can open up to receiving your heart’s desires?  THAT’S conscious living rather than living by default.