Stop Chasing Down Your Man!

Many “fertility” supplements help improve both the egg AND sperm quality.

This article talks about one such nutrient.

The reality is that for most couples, it’s the woman who take most of the supplements as a proactive measure to improve their chances of getting pregnant.

In general, men are not as compliant about supplementing as women are.  From what I’ve observed, some of the reasons are:

  • the benefits of the supplements aren’t clearly understood
  • taking supplements are thought of as a nuisance and so don’t want to be bothered
  • they’re not a priority in his daily to-do list
  • taking supplements is an admission that there’s something “wrong” with him

Because of how hard it is to get men to take supplements, women often have to chase their men down and almost force feed them.

If you’re doing this, my advice is to STOP and let it go.

On your fertility journey, your primary goal is to take care of yourself.  Period.  End of story.

You have no control over anyone else.  Especially your partner.  Your role is to be his partner, lover, and wife.  Not his mother.  Not a nag.

By all means, give him the information he needs so he can make an informed decision.  Request gently that you would appreciate having him be part of the journey with you by taking supplements to improve sperm quality.  Despite what he might think, there’s always room for improvement since there’s no such thing as perfect sperm.

But recognize that he’s an adult and whatever decision he makes given the information he has, is completely up to him. So let him do his own thing.  If he asks for help with keeping the supplements straight, then help him.  But that is the extent of your role regarding his supplements.

As much as you know it will help him, he can only implement changes when he’s ready, not when you say it’s time.

Instead, focus on yourself so that you can be the best version of yourself – the creative, fertile woman you are born to be.  That’s a journey worth your time and attention.  Not the angst of what others do or don’t do.

In time, as you make your own changes and share your improvements, he may be more motivated to incorporate your suggestions into his lifestyle.