How to Handle All That Fertility Advice

Since my focus is about getting pregnant and STAYING pregnant, this article talks about two tests I think should be done when you first find out you’re pregnant.

I worry though that women will get too caught up in the numbers and start freaking out about them.

It’s a catch 22 situation where ignorance can definitely be bliss but the information, although stress inducing, can be helpful in being more proactive about maintaining a pregnancy.

It’s a fine balance of gathering information that you need and discarding the excess that stresses you out.

I always recommend working with a local acupuncturist or other natural health care provider to help you navigate through this complex world of fertility.

But whether or not you have one, there’s still going to be more information than you know what to do with.

Your job is to sift through it and implement what makes sense to you, given your level of interest, time, money, and energy.  You don’t have to do everything – really and truly.  Just do what makes you feel better.

Your emotions are your GPS – they will guide you to the right action.  You’re looking for inspired action springing from a sense of well-being rather than actions born out of desperation or for the sake of checking it off your list.

It’s better to do less with joy than more with dread or resentment.  You don’t need to be Superwoman.  It’s ok to chillax – in fact, I hereby give you permission to just chill the eff out.

Most importantly, create a lifestyle you enjoy so that your fertility journey is filled with happy moments and opportunities for expansion and creation.

Life is mostly filled with the in-between moments when you’re on your way to your desires.  Very little of it is actually the manifestation of the results you seek because as soon as you achieve one goal, another comes to replace it.  So enjoy the ride!

I started taking Hip Hop classes a few weeks ago, something I wanted to do for years but just never got around to.  It was so much fun that my 10yo and 14yo are even joining me.  We learned old school moves that I didn’t even know existed, like the Bart Simpson.  🙂

I challenge you to do something just for the heck of it.  For no other reason than to just have fun!

The more you follow your bliss, the more life will serve you what you desire.