How to Get the Benefits of Acupuncture Without the Acupuncturist or Needles

May 11, 2020

Acupuncture has become a popular option to overcome fertility issues in helping women get pregnant because of its effectiveness and relative low cost as compared to medicated fertility treatments such as IVF and insemination.

However, acupuncture is not always accessible due to price and time limitations, fear of needles, or no access to qualified acupuncturists.

Fortunately, the benefits of acupuncture can be received in the comfort of your home without needles!

The Basics

Before I go into how that works, let’s start with a basic understanding of important facts…

  • In Chinese Medicine, the term “Qi” (pronounced “chee”) is used to describe a person’s life force…the non-physical part of you which includes your spirit and soul.  It encompasses a lot more than just calling it “energy”.
  • The goal of acupuncture is very simply to direct qi/energy and blood to where they need to go.
  • By improving qi/energy and blood flow to an area, more nutrients are brought there for better function.  That means the ovaries, uterus, and brain will work better…improved egg quality, more eggs retrieved for IVF, hormonal regulation for women with irregular or no periods, supporting embryo implantation to reduce the risk of miscarriage.

The same effect of acupuncture can be achieved by teaching a person to tap into specific acupuncture points and direct their own energy to flow where its needed, a technique I call “remote Fertility AcuHealing.”

How does Fertility AcuHealing work?

In a world surrounded by 24/7 noise and the constant pressure to be productive, we spend very little, if any, time in silence.  Eventually we lose touch with our body’s innate rhythms and energy patterns.

Taking the time to tune into your body’s energy allows you to gain access to your body’s full potential, unlocking its inherent ability to heal itself.

Consider that you don’t have to consciously direct your one trillion plus cells.  They all have their own innate programming and go along their merry way with zero input from your conscious mind.  It’s like a car in cruise control.

However, a manual transmission car gives a driver greater control because you can select the right gear for the particular condition.

In a similar manner, you can learn to shift your body from an automatic car on cruise control to a stickshift car where you gain control over when to change gears for an added boost of power.

What would happen if a little deliberate focus was directed to specific areas of the body where you want better performance?

Incredible self-healing powers develop from this activation of energy.

What can you expect to feel with Fertility AcuHealing?

This energy activation or “moving qi” is experienced differently in each person.

Some common descriptions include warmth, coolness, numbness, tingling, wave-like, shooting.

What’s happening?

The body is electrical.   The stored electrical energy is potential energy that is waiting to be transformed.

For example, me at the top of a ski slope poised for my run is an example of potential energy.  It transforms into kinetic energy once I go down the hill.

The sensation you feel when your qi moves is that stored potential energy transforming into healing energy.

When you can harness and direct that energy, you now have control over your body and the ability to optimize the function of any area of your body at will, including your ovaries and uterus.

Experience remote Fertility AcuHealing

Experience for yourself what the remote Fertility AcuHealing is like.

Click here to register.  You will need to be in a quiet place for one hour where you can get comfortable.