Fertility Lessons from Shoelaces

Do you remember how long it took you to learn how to tie your shoelaces?  I don’t.

But I remember the frustration my kids experienced.  After months of failed attempts, they finally conquered it.

Most life skills worth having takes time, patience, and persistence.

I can’t remember the last new thing I’ve learned that didn’t require at least a few tries.  And I learn a lot of new things regularly.  That’s what makes life interesting for me as a life-long learner.

Most people don’t realize that living a healthy lifestyle to improve fertility is a skill.

More accurately, it’s many skills…eating the right foods, picking effective supplements, practicing emotional well-being, making lifestyle changes, etc.

The knowledge is acquired over time.

Anyhoo…that information then needs to be implemented consistently.  All of that creating a set of skills to promote overall health and fertility.

So understand that you’re in it for the long haul.  And be ok with it.  Getting frustrated is only going to keep success away because you waste energy stewing about what ISN’T happening.

Rather, focus on what you want – a healthy baby.  

Do you see the distinction?  It’s subtle and this is where many of you trip up.  Stop obsessing about NOT getting pregnant and allow your thoughts to dream of the baby you want. Because if you can’t see it happening, it won’t.