Don’t Avoid This When TTC

April 28, 2022

Today’s topic is a sensitive issue for many on the motherhood journey.

It’s the ability for you to meet life as it is and to look head-on into situations that challenge you as opportunities to grow.

I’m referring specifically to the tendency to react negatively to pregnancy announcements and baby showers and to avoid these people or situations.

These triggers are showing you where you need to shine light on your shadow.

The situations themselves are neutral. The meaning you attach to it is what makes it a trigger. The “woe is me” attitude is a victim consciousness mindset. What happens to others have zero relevance to your situation.

The inability to genuinely be happy for others reflects an inability to receive what the Universe gives you.

They’re opportunities for you to raise your frequency to that of what you want.

If you reject them at this level, you will subconsciously reject it when it actually comes to your baby. And that’s the self-sabotage you want to avoid.

Let me give you an example…

If I want to be a millionaire, who should I hang around with?

Other millionaires, of course!

If I hang out with broke people, I’m going to go broke or stay broke.

Millionaires have an ease with money that you can hitch a ride on energetically but you have to be around them to observe that ease and integrate it into yourself.

Poverty conscious people think in terms of “how do I cut my expenses?”

Abundance oriented millionaires think about how they can make more money to pay for what they want.

It’s very difficult to break that energetic limitation when you surround yourself with others who don’t know how or don’t even want to achieve what you desire.

In the same way, you WANT to be surrounded by babies and pregnant women because they have the energetic frequency of what you want. You want to be in that abundance.

Avoiding anything baby or pregnancy related is a contradiction to what you desire. They cancel each other out and actually holds you back.

If you’re focusing on what you’re missing instead of what you want, although they’re the same thing (i.e. baby), they’re completely different energies. One will get you somewhere, the other will take you farther from it.

Be courageous enough to let yourself imagine the future as you want and welcome the energy of it from other women.

Image: Unsplash/Juli Kosolapova