What you need to know about OVULATION – day 1

I’m in a geek out mode so let’s talk about ovulation and some of the common misunderstandings around this oh-so critical moment in your cycle.

This will be a series since there are several points to cover and it’s almost lunchtime.  Talking about eggs makes me hungry. 🙂

Numero uno…,

Probably the biggest mistake women make is to focus solely on the day of ovulation for sexy time.

Rather, you are fertile for a few days leading up to ovulation so you have multiple opportunities within one cycle to ba-da-bing-ba-da-boom.

In fact, in a study of 6,000+ pregnancies, the probability of conception sharply rises at 7 days after the first day of your period, reaching its maximum of 13% at 15 days and returning to zero by 25 days.  It was NOT an all or nothing on the day of ovulation.

The researchers also made a specific note that women over 35yo tended to conceive earlier within their cycle.

Also of particular importance…the peak probability at 15 days was only 13%.  That means 87% chance of NOT getting pregnant.  This is why patience is mandatory on your fertility journey.  It’s not a sprint to the finish line.  Rather, it’s a marathon requiring preparation, commitment, laser sharp focus, and the proper pacing of your emotional involvement so you don’t burn out.

But I hear the groans.  “I’m too tired.”  Like I said, focus.  If you’re too tired from your other responsibilities, figure out what can be eliminated so you have more energy for sexy time.  Set your boundaries and respect them.

Hate to state the obvious but it needs to be said.  No s-e-x, no baby.  So prioritize.

More tomorrow about ovulation…

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Julie Chang, L.Ac.
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