Don’t Let Time Slip Away: It’s Not Just About Age

August 26, 2021

My clients in their 40s get pregnant with healthy babies. The oldest client was 47 and she now has two beautiful children.

I believe and have seen it’s very possible to have a healthy baby well into your 40s.

Even with low AMH, high FSH, previous failed IVF cycles, or recurrent miscarriages.

In my experience, the actual biological age is not as much of a limiting factor as the fear and doubt that grows over time, the longer you’re unsuccessful and therefore the older you get.

As you age, the uncertainty gets stronger and stronger until it’s almost unshakeable and that’s what creates resistance to your baby coming in.

When I work with a client, it feels energetically like a wall along their path. There are openings in the wall to allow them to see where they want to go but they’re blocked.

You may feel that yourself and not know where it’s coming.

Now you know.

The hard truth is that success is low.

According to published IVF statistics in the U.S., it’s 3% for women >42 years, 10% for women 41-42 years, and 20% for women 38-40 years.

The success of natural conception is about the same.

Ouch! I know that hurt to hear. But stick with me…

The reason it’s so low is because you have been conditioned to believe how difficult or impossible it will be.

This mainstream narrative often starts at age 35 and almost becomes an entrenched belief once a woman is over 40.

Recognize that if you buy into this, you give your power away to people who know nothing about you, other than possibly a few lab tests and ultrasound at most.

Without the firm belief that it’s possible, then it won’t be.

The stronger your belief, the better your chances.

The shakier your belief, the more you stay within that 3% or 10% or 20% possibility of success.

From my experience, success for women in their 40 is achieved by actively and consistently improving their emotional and spiritual health.

For most women in their early 30s and 20s, they can stay physically focused because there usually isn’t a strong mental story contradicting their vision.

Definitely not true for women in their late 30s and 40s.

The one thing that I hear consistently from clients is “I wish I had found you earlier.”

And what I want to tell women is “Stop waiting. It will only get more challenging. Figure out a comprehensive holistic plan using as many resources as you have time, money, and energy for. And stick with it!”


One 41 yo client took TWO solid years working with me every week before she got pregnant. She’s now due in December 2021.

Except for rare exceptions, EVERYONE underestimates how long it will take and therefore is at risk of changing course or stopping prematurely.

If you’re doing IVF, there are often unexpected delays during which time you can spend preparing. Additionally, COVID is contributing to the delays.

For women conceiving naturally, you keep trying every month until you hit the sweet spot.

This is a marathon, not 30 day sprints. Prepare for the long haul.


Image: Unsplash/Peter Boccia