What is your one degree?

September 30, 2021

To change ice to water or water to steam is only one degree difference.

It’s in that seemingly insignificant shift where massive change occurs. The hard part is identifying where that turning point is for you.

For most of you, you don’t need more information.

As cliche as it may sound, you really do have all the knowledge you need.

Understand that we are born with the ability to have healthy babies. It’s a birthright. It does not need to be earned.

Women get pregnant in all sorts of situations. Rich, poor, ghettos, gated communities, fitness fanatics, drug addicts, obese, thin, teens, 40s. It doesn’t matter.

It’s not the external environment that prevents you from realizing your dreams. Rather it’s only mirroring what’s on the inside where the change needs to occur.

Ladies, this is an inside job.

You have to get out of your own way to tap into this gift.

Identify your blocks, learn the skills to obliterate them, and do it well.

For most women, it’s a simple shift in perspective and integrating that into your identity so you don’t repeat past thought and behavior patterns that hold you back.

Image: Unsplash/Lanju Fotografie