Spirit Babies: How They Can Ignite Your Fertility Journey

As we embark on a journey to understand the concept of spirit babies, it’s essential to remember that this mystical experience is more than just folklore. Moreover, we hope that this blog will open you to a new and expanded experience on your path to motherhood.

We will cover the basics of spirit babies and how they can help you get pregnant, regardless of your age, medical condition, or past history.

What Are Spirit Babies?

Let’s understand what spirit babies are and the characteristics surrounding their nature, essence, and existence. 

  • Spiritual essence: Spirit babies are spiritual beings or souls that exist outside the physical realm. They are consciousness with a unique identity and purpose.  They are the souls of your future child. 
  • Pre-incarnation state: Spirit babies exist before their physical incarnation. They reside in a non-physical realm or spiritual plane, waiting to enter a physical body and experience life on Earth.
  • Consciousness and awareness: Spirit babies possess consciousness and awareness, even before entering a physical form. Additionally, they are sentient beings capable of communication, connection, and spiritual growth.
  • Individuality and uniqueness: Each spirit baby is unique, with their own personality, characteristics, and spiritual path. Moreover, they are distinct souls with their own intentions, desires, and lessons to learn.
  • Purpose and intention: Spirit babies have a purpose or intention for their incarnation. They choose specific experiences, relationships, or circumstances that align with their spiritual growth and contribute to their soul’s evolution.
  • Connection to potential parents: Spirit babies choose specific individuals or couples to be their parents, forming soul-level agreements or contracts for mutual growth and support. Furthermore, they can communicate with you through various means.
  • Communication and guidance: Spirit babies can communicate with you through various means. This can include intuitive messages, dreams, signs, synchronicities, or telepathic communication, providing guidance, reassurance, or insight.

Do You Have a Spirit Baby?

Many more souls want to incarnate into a human body than there are available mothers wanting to have a child.  Therefore, if you have an intense desire to have a baby, a soul is waiting to incarnate through you. 

Spirit babies communicate in various ways such as through dreams, intuition, signs from nature, or even strong telepathic connections. These interactions often occur when you’re emotionally ready and open to receiving them. 

Signs of a spirit baby answering your call could include:

  • A strong intuitive feeling that there is a spiritual presence or soul nearby.  For many women, it is this inner knowing that keeps them motivated on the motherhood journey despite challenges or how long it is taking.
  • Recurring dreams and visions of a baby or child are another common indication that you have a spirit baby with you.
  • Synchronicities: A woman might notice meaningful coincidences or synchronicities related to the idea of having a baby. These synchronicities could manifest as repeated number patterns, encounters with baby-related symbols, or meeting people who share similar experiences.  You can assign a symbol to represent your baby and ask to be shown these signs as an indication when your spirit baby is nearby.
  • Sensations and physical experiences: Some women report experiencing sensations such as tingling, warmth, or a strong energy presence in the womb or abdominal area. A client described feeling as if she was holding her baby’s hands while their tiny feet were walking on her stomach.
  • Communication attempts: Women may feel like they are receiving messages from their spirit baby through telepathic thoughts, inner dialogue, or a sense of “hearing” or “knowing” messages from the spiritual realm.  Another client knows it’s her baby communicating when she sees an image of her baby’s face talking back to her even though it’s in her voice.

Why Did Your Spirit Baby Choose You?

The process of spirit babies choosing their parents is a collaborative and intentional process. Here are some reasons why your spirit baby choose you as their parent:

  • Soul connection: Your spirit baby may have a pre-existing relationship or shared history with you, stemming from past lives or spiritual connections.  You could have been friends, relatives, or acquaintances.
  • Vibrational resonance: They may be drawn to your vibrational frequency. They are attracted to you because you align with their own spiritual or energetic vibration, which can be influenced by qualities such as love, openness, or shared spiritual beliefs.  A spirit baby shared that, out of all the millions of women wanting to have a baby, my client’s call for a baby was the one that they felt the desire to answer.  Their purpose was to give and receive love with her family.
  • Life lessons and soul growth: Your spirit baby may choose you to provide specific life lessons or growth opportunities that align with their soul’s journey. Your experiences, strengths, and challenges may be instrumental in supporting their spiritual development.  A spirit baby chose another client because they wanted to be raised in a Hindu environment with its accompanying traditions.
  • Compatibility and harmony: They want to establish a harmonious and compatible relationship. Your personality, values, or life circumstances complement their own journey and contribute to a supportive and nurturing environment.  Another spirit baby shared that they were attracted to my client’s love of nature as that was compatible with their own desire to support the environment as part of their life purpose.
  • Soul agreements and contracts: Before birth, your spirit baby and you entered into agreements or contracts at a soul level. These agreements outline the specific roles, relationships, and experiences that both parties have agreed to fulfill in their shared journey.
  • Parental readiness and willingness: Your spirit baby believes you are ready to provide them with what they need.

Remember that your spiritual journey and connection with a spirit baby are unique and deeply personal.

Benefits of Connecting with Your Spirit Baby when TTC

Communicating with your spirit baby can enhance fertility in numerous ways.

  • Fertility support: Connecting with a spirit baby can provide emotional and energetic support for your fertility journey. This support helps you navigate any emotional or physical challenges related to fertility and creates a more supportive environment for conception.
  • Increased positivity and hope: Regular communication with your spirit baby cultivates a positive mindset and instills hope during your fertility journey, reminding you of your intentions and desires to conceive and parent, boosting motivation.
  • Sense of purpose and meaning: Connecting with your spirit baby brings a sense of purpose and meaning to your fertility journey, aligning your actions with the creation of a family and infusing fulfillment and significance into the process.
  • Mind-body connection: Engaging in communication with your spirit baby cultivates a deeper connection to your body and its reproductive health. This awareness can allow you to better respond to your body’s needs and make choices that support your fertility.
  • Intuitive guidance: Spirit babies can provide intuitive guidance or insights to you regarding your fertility journey. Stay open to intuitive hunches, signs, or messages that may assist in making informed decisions about medical interventions, lifestyle choices, or fertility treatments.
  • Emotional well-being and fertility: Connecting with a spirit baby can positively impact your emotional well-being during the fertility process. By establishing a spiritual connection and deepening your bond with the spirit baby, you experience reduced stress, enhanced emotional resilience, and a more positive mindset, indirectly supporting fertility.

How to Receive Messages From Your Unborn Child’s Soul?

Create a peaceful meditation space at home. Light candles, play soothing music, and get comfy. This sets the mood for communication with your spirit baby.  This meditation guides you through the process of connecting with your spirit baby.

Meditation quiets your mind and opens channels to higher consciousness. It taps into your intuition, which is key for receiving messages from your spirit baby.

  • Find a quiet spot and sit comfortably.
  • Close your eyes and take deep breaths to center yourself.
  • Set the intention to connect with your unborn child’s soul.
  • Pay attention to any images, thoughts, feelings, or sensations that arise – they could be messages from your spirit baby.

Remember that experiences with spirit baby communication are highly subjective and personal. Not everyone may resonate with or have the same level of experience in this area. It’s a deeply individual process, and different individuals may have different levels of connection, sensitivity, or belief in receiving spirit baby messages.

Interacting With Your Spirit Baby

Building a connection with your future child’s soul is like having a pre-birth pen pal. It’s a chance to ask questions and form an emotional bond before they even arrive.

Here are some questions you can ask your spirit baby.

  • “What steps should I take for successful conception?” – Get insights into lifestyle changes or medical treatments that might boost fertility.
  • “Why did you choose me as a parent?” – Discover why your little soulmate picked you and feel the love.
  • “Do you have any messages for me?” – Your spirit baby might have some divine advice or guidance to share.
  • “Are there any obstacles hindering our connection?” – Identify and overcome any roadblocks to strengthen your bond.

Questions that may not yield accurate or specific answers include:

  • “How am I going to get pregnant?” Your path unfolds gradually, and due to the freedom of choice, it is impossible to provide a comprehensive answer all at once.
  • “When will I get pregnant?” Linear time as perceived on Earth does not exist in the spirit realm, where only the present moment exists. Without the constraints of past, present, and future, providing a reliably precise answer becomes challenging.

Feel free to ask anything else that resonates with your situation. This is your opportunity to forge a special relationship with the little one you’re expecting.

Interacting with your future child’s soul isn’t just about asking the right questions. It’s about being open to the answers they offer. It’s a beautiful opportunity to connect deeply with your future baby and gain invaluable insights for your conception and pregnancy journey.


Understanding and connecting with spirit babies can be a powerful and transformative experience for women over 40 trying to conceive.

By recognizing the presence of these souls and establishing a spiritual connection, women can enhance their fertility and receive messages from their unborn children’s souls.

Gaining insight into your future child’s soul through this connection brings comfort and reassurance to women on their journey towards parenthood.

Embracing the concept of spirit babies opens up new possibilities for hope, healing, and connection, making the path to becoming a parent even more fulfilling.