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Magical Mama Program Shows You How to Achieve Results Such As These (& Beyond)

Call in your baby with an intuitive, heart & soul-led journey

Extra-ordinary results require extra-ordinary methods which produce RADICAL trust in yourself and your body (including your eggs, ovaries, and uterus)

The Magical Mama Program is a no BS, six-month transformation STARTING WEDNESDAY JAN 11, 2023 designed specifically for women over 40 who have already taken extraordinary measures and want to manifest their baby.

You can expect to get the following results:

Words from a current Magical Mama participant (49 years) ...

"Julie is truly a game changer in the world of fertility. Through working with Julie in her Magical Mama program, I have gone from feeling stressed out, hopeless and frustrated to calm, confident and excited for my future baby! What Julie does in her Magical Mama program is unlike anyone else out there. Her tools are somatic, psychological, energetic, and mystical.

I went from trying to mentally control the entire process of getting pregnant (and burning out to the point of nearly giving up) to completely trusting my own body's wisdom, as well as my feminine intuition.

Julie has a unique way of helping you ground into your truth as a mother, develop a relationship with your spirit baby, and navigate the emotional journey of trying to conceive and carry a child to full term. Your confidence will shoot through the roof. No more getting triggered at baby announcements or IVF appointments.

Her process is pure gold. Highly recommend Magical Mama to any woman who is trying to conceive."

Words from another current Magical Mama participant (45 years) ...

"The program has been very inspiring as I've opened myself up to a spiritual journey, one I didn't know I wanted, let alone needed. .

Having a significant shift in perception has allowed the journey to motherhood to be experienced in a new and exciting way. .

Julie is a genuine, patient and caring coach. Our calls have become invaluable milestones on my own journey."

Here's How Magical Mama Works...

Six Months of Self-Care for Emotional Balance, Self-Love for Spiritual Connection, and Nutrition for Physical Health

Phase 1: Clear (Emotional)

Remove negative thoughts and beliefs blocking you from your baby.


Thoughts such as “Am I too old?” or behavior patterns sabotaging your success  will be removed to clear a path to your baby.  

The answers to “Why me?” will be revealed so you can stop the cycle of self-blame.

You’ll also find out there’s nothing wrong with you.  Instead of asking “What’s wrong with me?”, you’ll replace it with a more powerful and useful question that will guide you throughout the entire program.  

phase 1_clear
Phase 2_connect

Phase 2: Connect (Spiritual)

Connect with your higher self. 

After releasing limiting thoughts and beliefs, you have cleared the path to receiving guidance on how to manifest your baby.  In phase 2, you connect with your intuition and inner Voice which already has all the answers you are seeking.  


Communicate with your baby BEFORE conception.

You will also connect with your spirit baby. This is where the proof that your baby exists can be found before the physical manifestation is in your arms. You will be guided to communicate with your baby to help conception.


Phase 3: Nourish (Physical)

Feed yourself and your baby.

Using Magical Mama’s unique process, you find out what foods specific to you prepare your body physically for a healthy pregnancy and baby.

Each Magical Mama participant will have different recommendations.  No generic advice!  Eating what’s best for you improves egg quality, prevents miscarriage, and ensures the health of you and your baby. 


Phase 3_Nourish
Phase 4_integrate

Phase 4: Integrate

BE the change you seek.

In Phases 1 to 3, you learned new skills to clear the path to manifesting your baby.  

In the final months, you integrate these changes to come into union with your baby and feel them as a part of  you, connecting with them as naturally as breathing.  

You see your ideal vision with complete clarity and hold it with  certainty until your baby finally manifests.



Who Is A Magical Mama?

If you are a smart, capable, active woman, have done everything you can think of, and know there's something you're missing but don't know what that is, this program may be for you.

If you're feeling that you have exhausted every option and are looking for one last "Hail Mary", this program may be for you.

If you feel like your back is to the wall and you are willing to do whatever is asked of you to manifest your baby, this program may be for you.

Over 20 years of working with clients have allowed me to identify who will be most successful with my approach. In order to have a realistic chance of success using my method within the six months that we work together, you MUST meet ALL of the requirements below to participate in Magical Mama.

Success Stories

Pregnant at 46.5 years NATURALLY!

I didn’t find out I was pregnant until 11 weeks (was perimenopausal and not having regular periods). Currently 15 weeks and so far so good! I have to believe all that preparation with you helped make this possible!

Adrienne Beeson, 46.5 years (Dec 2022)

Turned Away from 14 Fertility Clinics, Success at 41 Years

At 35, I was diagnosed with very low ovarian reserve. My reserve was from a 50 year old woman – that was the most devastating news I ever had. That was the start of a very painful roller coaster journey, trying to find all the medical treatments to achieve our baby.

I also had scar tissue problems after a surgery that caused very thin uterine lining plus my husband had low normal sperm count. Everything was wrong and almost impossible to believe that some day will happen naturally.

We tried 15 fertility clinics in San Diego and Mexico. Most of the doctors didn’t give us any kind of hope. Basically they said we need egg donor since that was the only way they can do anything for us. But that wasn’t an option for me.

In that process I found you and you give me a glimmer of hope. You told me we just need one!!! You showed me how to treat my body by changing my mindset.

After turning 40 , I got pregnant naturally.  Thank you because you helped us and I hope that this story can help other woman that are in the middle of this hard road. It is never too late.”

Carolina Amato, 41 years
Watch her full story – click here.

Given 2% Chance of Success, How She had Her Baby at 42 Years

After 3 failed IUI’s and 3 IVF procedures, my husband and I were devastated! I started looking into natural ways to get pregnant because something inside of me believed that we could conceive naturally. After 8 months of focus with Julie’s help, on getting healthy, we were able to conceive naturally at 42 yr. old. We now have a healthy girl!

Christina C, 42 years
Watch her full story – click here.

Overcoming Long & Infrequent Menses, Her Baby Came at 42 Years

It was difficult for us to conceive after years of trying even with 3 IUI’s. I was so blessed to find Julie. After working with Julie for some time focusing on nutrition and mental health, I got pregnant naturally at age of 42 with our first child. We now have 3 months old healthy baby girl. Julie made such an impact on our family and we are forever grateful for her. Thank you for what you do!

Leslie T, 42 years
Watch her full story – click here.

How She Had 3 Babies After 16 YEARS of No Menses

Julie was instrumental in helping me have not only one child, but TWO! I haven’t had a period since I was 21 years old (yes, really!). With Julie’s help, somehow I got pregnant anyway at 39 years old. My period didn’t return after my first baby so I went back to Julie. She helped me have my second baby at 41 years old. Both are beautiful, healthy girls. Each day I am reminded of how blessed I am to have found Julie.

Melanie, 41 years
Watch her full story – click here.

What My Successful Clients Say

What My Successful Clients Say

How Much does Magical Mama Cost?

Quantum leap your journey with…

You can invest in your baby and your future with one of the following payment options.

Premium - Recommended

One Payment

One Time


  • Weekly live calls (recorded)
  • Pre-recorded teaching modules
  • Community of like-minded women
  • Live and email access to Julie Chang
  • Free admission to future Magical Mama programs
  • Manifestation picture of your future baby
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Premium - Most Popular

5 Payment Plan

Automatically Charged Per Month for 5 Months


  • Weekly live calls (recorded)
  • Pre-recorded teaching modules
  • Community of like-minded women
  • Live and email access to Julie Chang
  • Free admission to future Magical Mama programs
  • Manifestation picture of your future baby
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8 Payment Plan

Automatically Charged Every 3 Weeks


  • Weekly live calls (recorded)
  • Pre-recorded teaching modules
  • Community of like-minded women
  • Live and email access to Julie Chang
  • Free admission to future Magical Mama programs
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Frequently Asked Questions

Most of my successful clients in their 40s were given no or little chance of having their own biological baby.  Doctors give their opinion based on their personal experience so if they have seen little success with women in their 40s, they will think it’s not possible or consider any success a fluke (a random miracle).  However, I specialize in working with women in their 40s – many of them have done everything conventional with no results.  I see success regularly and the results are reproducible therefore it’s within my belief system that having a healthy baby in your 40s is very achievable.

Magical Mama was created specifically with the woman over 40 in mind.  What makes this program different than any other course or strategy are:

1) Mindset – Beginning with an obsession to find out why some succeed and others fail, I set out to create a program that will help you have a BREAKTHROUGH in results on your motherhood journey.  I don’t just tell you “what to do,” I give you an experience of producing real results for yourself.

2) A focus on the 5% – Inside Magical Mama, we talk at a high-level, no more beginner’s stuff for the general public.  I’ll get you to cut out overwhelm by focusing on the 5% of activities that generate 95% of the results.

3) A Completely Customizable Plan – YOU are different.  Magical Mama shows you how to craft the right plan for your baby journey based on the vision you create for yourself.  Then, I simply give you the exact steps needed to implement your customized plan!

Our work together is to transform you into a magnet who selects out the healthiest eggs AND sperm with your frequency.  As long as your male partner has a fair amount of healthy sperm to work with, do not overly concern yourself with poor quality sperm. 

While I respect the choice to eat plant-based food, my 20+ years of clinical experience have shown that women in their 40s are nutrient deficient from years of eating processed foods and poor quality food.  Even if you consider yourself healthy, you are probably eating the same foods all year round, thus limiting the diversity of nutrients you’re exposing yourself to.  Because we are animals, the quickest way to get the nutrients needed to build a healthy human body is with other animal components.  Supplements are meant to bridge nutrient gaps, not to replace real food. 

Since you are in your 40s, we are optimizing your time in every way imaginable.  While it’s possible for some women to get pregnant eating plant-based foods, it will most likely take much longer than the six months we are working together.  For other women, to be successful, they must eat animal products as a minimum requirement of their body’s needs.

You are in a spiritual awakening and experiencing the dark night of your soul.  Part of my role is to activate you into your next higher version of yourself.  Because this 3D physical world is so dense and filled with fear, light beings such as yourself often have a difficult time navigating the contrasts, often experiencing depression, anxiety, and even suicidal thoughts. I will help you to release your wounds and trauma to let the light of your Divine self and that of your baby in.

I will help you to clear any residual attachment and move you into a complete state of contentment and bliss.  Reaching and maintaining a high frequency is critical to creating a reality of your choosing.  

Contact us directly at support@mybabyafter40.com with which requirement(s) you don’t meet and why you want to work with Julie to see if you are a good fit. While Julie can help a broader scope of women, in order to keep the integrity of the group tightly focused on getting pregnant within the duration of the program, each person must start at a similar physical, emotional, and energetic level.

Please contact us directly at support@mybabyafter40.com so we can assess your fit for the program.

About Me

My life’s mission is to help women like you reach your highest potential, whether it’s to up-level for a glow up or to full remembrance of your eternal, multidimensional Divine nature.

Your motherhood journey is your clarion call.  Your time has come to set aside what you think you know and to step into who you really are.  I am here as your guide and to assist you during this difficult time.

As a woman in your 40s, you have the life experience, wisdom, courage, and resilience to transcend the limitations of your ego and the external world so you can heed the call of your higher self.

Having been on my own spiritual awakening for seven years, I know how much pain and suffering you have experienced and likely continue to.  I will show you how to return to being in the flow of life.

I also have clinical experience as a fertility acupuncturist in San Diego which I retired from after 20 years to be a fertility manifestation coach.


  • Master in Traditional Oriental Medicine, Magna Cum Laude from the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in San Diego
  • Bachelor of Science in Microbiology and Molecular Genetics from University of California, Los Angeles

Author of “Cracking the Egg Myth: Proven Ways to Improve Fertility”


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