How long should I TTC?

Here’s a question a client asked last week that’s in every single one of your minds as well…

“How much of a window should I give myself for the possibility of being a mom?  I want to be realistic.”

I’ve said this before in other emails…

Believe it or not, you can still get pregnant naturally until you no longer have a period or your periods are so irregular that you can’t predict ovulation.  And, that’s very realistic.

That’s assuming everything else is in order.  Things like your tubes are clear, his sperm is good enough, no fibroids preventing a pregnancy, etc.

Obviously, everyone’s different so each situation should be evaluated thoroughly.  But, in general, if everything’s in good working order, there should be no reason why you can’t get pregnant into your 40s.

Do the chances decrease as you get older?  Yes.  But it’s still possible.  As long as you’re making the right lifestyle choices.

So ultimately, assuming that you and your male partner are in reasonably good health, your endpoint is yours to determine.

It becomes an emotional decision.

Not a decision made by me or your doctors.

YOU have to decide how long you want to actively try.  Knowing that sacrifices need to be made to live a healthier lifestyle for optimal chances of getting pregnant.

Don’t let the number of your age stop you from trying if it’s really what you and your partner want.

Part of that decision making process hinges on getting enough information, including the status of your male partner.

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All my best,
Julie Chang, L.Ac.
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