Does your cup runneth over or is it leaking?

October 15, 2021

If you want flowers in your garden, what are your essential ingredients?

  • seed
  • soil
  • water
  • sunlight
  • space to plant
  • time

None of these things look even remotely like flowers. And yet, breathtaking flowers are a consequence.

If any of these critical elements are missing, you will never get a bloom.

Your fertility journey when over 35 years of age also has essential ingredients for your success.

Health (physical + mental + emotional + spiritual) + time = baby

They don’t need to be perfect but they all need to align together for the same end result.

Here’s what I see a lot of women doing right…eating healthier, taking supplements, exercising more. Kudos to you and keep up the great work!

And then…

They keep poking holes into all their well-intentioned efforts with doubt and anxiety. Most commonly with “Is it too late?” or “Why isn’t it happening yet?”

That effectively drains out the positive energy you build – like a cup you keep refilling but it keeps getting more and more holes so nothing you do stays long enough to have any effect.

A lot of women try to plug the holes with medicated fertility treatments like IVF but the holes keep coming.

So now the formula looks like this…

[Health (physical + mental + emotional + spiritual) + time] X -(doubt + anxiety) = no baby

…where now the doubt and anxiety eclipses the probability of having a baby.

You may never get rid of the doubt entirely and that’s ok. You’re human after all.

However, you need to be able to minimize it so much that it’s barely a passing thought.

At the same time, raise your vibration enough with the belief that you can do it so that the holes in the cup close or move so high that it can still be filled without leaking.

Remove the negative influences, thoughts, and behaviors and you will exponentially increase your chance of success.

Image: Unsplash/Filip Urban