Avoiding Emotional Toxins when TTC

You already know about the physical toxins you’re exposed to in your environment.

This article talks about the ones commonly found in your foods and their harm to your fertility.

What many people don’t pay enough attention to are the emotional toxins they come into constant contact with.  Often on a daily basis – maybe even minute to minute.

In fact, these emotional toxins are far more harmful to your fertility than the physical ones.

These are the thoughts and feelings that you experience when you think about your fertility journey.

Often they’re of doubt, fear, anxiety, inadequacy, and blame (most often towards yourself).  They come from your personal experiences and from outside influences like “experts” such as your doctors, media, friends and family who mean well.

It’s understandable why these emotions are so dominant.  You’ve probably been trying to get pregnant for years unsuccessfully and even as you continue to try and maintain hope, you feel the need to shield yourself from the disappointment.

The problem is that although they protect you from the hurt, they also pinch you off from the belief that you can get pregnant.

They erode your faith in your body’s ability to do what it is capable of doing – creating a healthy baby.

In order to let those negative emotions go, learn to leave them in the past and their association with specific events that have already occurred.  Nothing will be achieved by keeping one foot shackled by your past experiences while the other wishes to fly.

The net gain is zero momentum.

The future is one you create as you move forward.  It is unwritten and fluid, directed by your feelings to shape your thoughts which in turn determine your actions and if repeated often enough become habits and beliefs.

Beliefs are only beneficial if they serve you.

If they prevent you from moving forward or cause angst, they must be reshaped or discarded.  You are the master of your thoughts, not the other way around.

Whether or not you choose to believe that you can be a mother and live joyfully in that expectation (no matter how long it takes or how old you are) is entirely up to you.