5 Day Weight Loss Fertility Challenge – OPEN NOW!

Are you ready for the 5 Day Weight Loss Fertility Challenge?!?

Turbocharge your body with a quick and easy reboot to officially close out the summer and kick off the Fall season.  There’s nothing like starting fresh with something different – new beginnings resets the mind and the body.

‘Cause I am a champion, and you’re gonna hear me roar! – Katy Perry

Who’s this Challenge for?  If you’re interested in any of the below, consider joining me:

  • fat loss
  • more energy
  • improved sleep
  • sharper mental focus
  • better mood
  • detox

What’s included:

  • You will receive via snail mail:
    • 5 daily supplement packets (Your secret ingredient!  All will be revealed in our training.)
    • 1 fertility gemstone bracelet including stones such as moonstone to balance hormones, moss agate to support a healthy pregnancy, Botswana agate to promote fertility, and carnelian to increase fertility.
    • ear seeds for acupressure – A study of 91 adults using the points I will teach you resulted in a 6% reduction in the body mass index after 8 weeks.
    • Shipping (U.S & International) & Handling included
  • Facebook secret group to get your questions answered, share feedback, and learn new ideas.  Note: A secret group doesn’t show up in search and the only people in the group are other challenge participants.
  • Daily Facebook Live trainings which will be recorded:
    • Day 1 – how to use your package items
    • Day 2 – basic fertility medical tests for women and men
    • Day 3 – the 2 most essential requirements to stabilizing hunger and fertility hormones
    • Day 4 – the ONE thing to do that melts pounds off effortlessly
    • Day 5 – TBD

When?Challenge will run from Monday, September 17, 2018 to Friday September 21, 2018.FB Live sessions will be held each day at 9am PST.Cost:$97 for 1 person$147 for you and your partner – your partner will NOT receive a fertility gemstone bracelet, for obvious reasons :)If you’re interested in the 5 Day Weight Loss Fertility Challenge, reply to this email and we’ll take it from there!

To ensure that all participants have their materials before the Challenge starts, registration and payment must be made by tomorrow Thursday Aug 30, 8pm PST.

Hope to see you in the Challenge!


All my best,
Julie Chang, L.Ac.
Natural Fertility Eggspurt